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Hiking Wisconsin
By Eric Hansen. Profiles 64 of the best hikes in the state. Detailed maps and directions and a superb selection of day hikes and overnight trips make this book accessible to all hiking enthusiasts, from families to outdoor fanatics. Lace up your boots and sample more than sixty trials in the Badger State. From the Lake Superior shoreline to the Lake Michigan plain, Wisconsin offers hikers vast hardwood and evergreen forests, abundant wildlife, pristine waters, and ample opportunities for solitude. Explore the spectacular sandstone Sea Caves, the glacial landscape of the Chippewa Moraine Loop, the rocky peninsula of Door County's Eagle Bluff, and the state's highest waterfall at Manitou Falls. Veteran hiker and outdoor writer Eric Hansen will introduce you to these trails and many more. Use this guide for up-to-date trail information; accurate directions to popular as well as less-traveled trails; difficulty ratings for each hike; detailed trail maps; recommended hikes by category. Whether you are a day-tripper or long-distance hiker, old hand or novice, you'll find trails suited to every ability and interest throughout Wisconsin. (6 X 9, 240 pages, b&w photos, maps, graphs) Paperback. 240 pages. Free State Highway Map with each book order
Quantity @ $16.95 each

· Item ID: 289

Horsing Around in Wisconsin
The state's best stables, barns, and trails for lessons and training. By Anne M Conner. Discover the fun of horseback riding! Are you looking for lessons, the state's top stables, or the ideal riding trail? This comprehensive guide is what you need. Horsing Around in Wisconsin gives advice on getting started, selecting riding apparel and equipment, choosing a horse, and more. You'll Find: Information on 260 stables and barns for boarding and renting, detailed descriptions of 85 of Wisconsin's best horse trails, places where kids and adults can take lessons, fun facts about horses and riding. Paperback. 263 pages. 6" W x 9" H. Free State Highway Map with each book order
Quantity @ $18.95 each

· Item ID: 841


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Images of America: Chinese Milwaukee
By David B Holmes and Wenbin Yuan. The history of Chinese Milwaukee begins in April 1874, with the opening by Wing Wau of a Chinese laundry at 86 Mason Street. Other Chinese soon followed, and by 1888, there were at least 30 Chinese laundries operating in the city. Charlie Toy moved to Milwaukee in 1904 and within two decades had built both one of the largest Chinese trading businesses in the United States and a six-story Chinese-style building in downtown Milwaukee described as the largest and most luxurious Chinese restaurant building in the world. An example of the community's influence as a whole is the period 1937 to 1940, when the community of less than 300 residents contributed more money to the Chinese war effort against Japan than any other Chinese community in the United States except San Francisco. "This book is a treasure of images celebrating Milwaukee's Chinese community." Paperback. 128 pages. Almost every page contains at least one picture. 6 1/2" W x 9 1/4" H. Free State Highway Map with each book order
Quantity @ $19.99 each

· Item ID: 1135

Indian Mounds of Wisconsin
By Robert A. Birmingham and Leslie E. Eisenberg. The first comprehensive book on mounds of the Midwest in 150 years. More mounds were built by ancient Native American societies in Wisconsin than in any other region of North America—between 15,000 and 20,000 mounds, at least 4,000 of which remain today. Most impressive are the effigy mounds, huge earthworks sculpted into the shapes of birds, animals, and other forms, not found anywhere else in the world in such concentrations. This book, written for general readers but incorporating the most recent research, offers a comprehensive overview of these intriguing earthworks and answers the questions, Who built the mounds? When and why were they built? The archaeological record indicates that most ancient societies in the upper Midwest built mounds of various kinds sometime between about 800 B.C. and A.D. 1200. Birmingham and Eisenberg present an important new interpretation of the effigy mound groups as "cosmological maps" that model ancient belief systems and social relations. It is likely that the distant ancestors of several present-day Native American groups were among the mound-building societies, in part because these groups' current clan structures and beliefs are similar to the symbolism represented in the effigy mounds. Indian Mounds of Wisconsin includes a travel guide to sites that can be visited by the public, including many in state, county, and local parks. Paperback. 264 pages. 6" W x 9" H. Free State Highway Map with each book order
Quantity @ $18.95 each

· Item ID: 679


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click on image for larger picture
Indian Names on Wisconsin's Map
By Virgil J. Vogel. Place names are cultural artifacts that tell us as much about how people lived as do relics dug from the ground, writes Virgil Vogel, one of America's foremost authorities on place names. They are historical records from which the location and migration of people, plants, and animals can be charted. Onalaska and Aztalan, not surprisingly, are place names transplanted to Wisconsin from the far north and south. Some names tell of topographic features that have long since disappeared or are little noticed today. Beaver Dam once had an Indian name meaning just that; Sheboygan, "big pipe" in Ojibwa, described the shape of a river bend. Other names are vestiges of ancient languages nowhere else recorded. Some commemorate historic events: Winneconne is believed by many to mean "place of the skulls." The Indian names of Wisconsin's towns, rivers, and lakes reveal the minds of the Indian peoples, their cosmic views, their values, their relation to their environment , and their ways of life and convey as well something of the history of their white invaders. Paperback. 342 pages. 7 photos. 2 maps. 6" x 9". Free State Highway Map with each book order
Quantity @ $24.95 each

· Item ID: 301

It Happened in Wisconsin
By Michael Bie. True Tales from Wisconsin's Past. From the invention of the snowmobile to a historic Packers win over the Bears, thirty events that shaped the history of the Badger State. From the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald to the attempted assassination of Teddy Roosevelt, It Happened in Wisconsin gives readers a unique look at intriguing people and episodes from the history of the Badger state. Find out how Wisconsin's dairy farms came to produce some of the world's finest cheeses. Learn how a raging wildfire in Peshtigo killed as many 2,400 people. And discover how Joe McCarthy evolved from an amateur boxer into one of the country's most infamous senators. Paperback. 165 pages. 6" x 9". Free State Highway Map with each book order
Quantity @ $12.95 each

· Item ID: 1157


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Jerusalem Creek, Fly Fishing through Driftless Country
By Ted Leeson. "Every existence has its pulse points," writes Ted Leeson in this latest book, "those places where life rises somehow closer to the surface and makes itself more keenly felt. Spring creeks have been mine." Jerusalem Creek is an exploration into the unique landscape and of the "driftless area" in southwest Wisconsin, "a geography of small concealments" - of coves and hollows, oak groves and shady bends, winding brooks and trout. "It is not a landscape that you hike up, or climb down into, or stand out looking upon; it is one that you slip inside of," and this book presents the view from within. Leeson reflects on waters and people, the experiences and ideas that shaped his understanding of spring creek country. By turns thoughtful and hilarious, passionate and wry, he journeys into the special charms of small-scale waters and pastoral spaces; the nature of fishermen and meandering in trout streams; ruminations on dairy cows, honeybees, and the Midwestern character; family and angling companions; Amish farmsteads; the memory of a missing photograph; the equivocal dream of owning a trout stream; the ways in which the past endures in the present. Layered and overlapping, like the limestone geology of driftless country, the meditations in this book cumulatively tell the story of how we create the places we love, and how they in turn create us. Jerusalem Creek is a wise, poignant, and haunting book about those places that remain with us long after we’ve left them. Paperback. 256 pages. 6" W x 9" H. Free State Highway Map with each book order
Quantity @ $14.95 each

· Item ID: 685

Lighthouses of Wisconsin, A Guidebook and Keepsake
By Bruce Roberts and Ray Jones. A winning combination of practical travel information, stunning color photographs, and rich maritime, history makes Lighthouses of Wisconsin your essential guide to maritime beacons in the Badger State. From Kenosha North Pierhead Light on Lake Michigan to Sand Island Light on Lake Superior, the twenty-eight lights included here are presented in geographic order, making it easy for you to move from your armchair to the driver's seat and back again. Take this handy little guide with you on your travels, and keep it as a picture-perfect souvenir of your trip to coastal Wisconsin. Click on the image for more info. 6" x 8". Paperback. 86 pages. Free State Highway Map with each book order
Quantity @ $9.95 each

· Item ID: 845


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click on image for larger picture
Magnetic North, The Landscapes of Tom Uttech
Margaret Andera, Essay by Lucy Lippard. One of the most widely admired landscape painters in America, Tom Uttech merges nineteenth-century notions of the ideal landscape with aspects of surrealism and photo-realism to create his unique vision of the North Woods. The artist reestablishes the wilderness as a mystical and magical place where the animal kingdom reigns, the colors of nature flourish, and the forces of the wild are played out. Uttech is inspired by his treks through Wisconsin prairies and woodlands and his camping and canoeing trips to northern Minnesota and Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. Uttech's paintings are distinguished from those of most contemporary landscape artists in that he does no drawings, studies, or photographs while on these excursions. His paintings are studio inventions based entirely on memory and improvisation. Uttech's landscapes have been described as "pure fantasy and, at the same time, absolutely true to nature." His use of high-key colors and his depictions of seemingly airless environments give his work a surreal quality. The intricate detail achieved through the artist's precise painterly touch gives the surfaces of his work a high degree of patterning and articulation. More recently, Uttech has begun to add painted or carved elements to his handmade frames, which are integral components of his work. In addition to paintings, the retrospective also features a selection of the artist's prints and photographs. Hardback. 120 pages. 15 B&W photos, 30 color images of paintings. 10" x 10". Free State Highway Map with each book order
Quantity @ $29.95 each

· Item ID: 308

40 products in pages of 9 products each
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