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A female rusty crayfish with partially developed eggs attached to her abdomen. Gretchen Hansen, a zoology graduate student at University of Wisconsin-Madison, is monitoring the invasive rusty crayfish in Sparkling Lake, Wis., where trapping and native, carnivorous fish have caused a dramatic population decline, helping to restore natural conditions to the lake.
Image credit: Gretchen Hansen
Image date: 2009

University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduate students Gretchen Hansen and Laura Conner deploy a crayfish trap in Sparkling Lake, Wis., as a part of an intensive removal project for invasive rusty crayfish. Hansen, now a graduate student in zoology at UW-Madison, continues to track the ecological impact of invasive crayfish in Sparkling Lake.
Image credit: Catherine Hein
Image date: 2003

A male rusty crayfish, or Orconectes rusticus, found in Sparking Lake in northern Wisconsin. Rusty crayfish are an invasive species now found in lakes and streams across the United States.
Image credit: Brian Roth
Image date: 2004
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