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Milwaukee's Green Map identifies many environmentally or ecologically significant sites through Milwaukee County. The map provides a single vision of resources by showing the connection between natural, built and cultural features which, when combined, establish Milwaukee's progress toward sustainability.

As Milwaukee's first bioregional map of green resources, activities, people and practices, the Milwaukee Green Map serves as an important benchmark for recognizing current practices and imagining future growth.

how to use this map

Milwaukee's Green Map organizes a list of site locations and resources where sustainable practices are being used or can be seen in place. Additional local resources are listed in Other Information Resources along with their contact information.

Sites are color- coded by category and identified by icons. Although more than 100 icons can potentially be used for the Green Map Project, we have used a more limited number of them on this map. Numbers on the map flags correspond to the each site's listing order.

This map is meant to provide general locations for sites. If you intend to visit, please call ahead for directions and hours of operation. Some sites are not normally accessible to the public. Some sites are not listed on the map due to space constraints or because a more comprehensive listing can be found in common use elsewhere.

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