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Lake Michigan Bluffs and Shoreline

Lake Michigan bluffs and shoreline. Many areas along the shore of Lake Michigan drain directly into the lake. These catch basins are naturally prone to erosion, due to their typically steeper slopes.

Erosion along bluffs has resulted in the damage and loss of habitat and property along its edge. Although erosion along lake bluffs is natural, the destruction of stabilizing vegetation and construction occurring too close to the edge of the bluffs has accelerated this process. Heavy rains within recent years have also caused some areas of shoreline to erode dramatically.

For more information about the condition of Lake Michigan shoreline in Milwaukee County see the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) Newsletter Vol 38: No1 of Jan/Feb, 1998.

To help clean up Milwaukee area beaches join the yearly Beach Sweep, sponsored by the Center for Marine Conservation. Contact the Milwaukee Health Department, tel: 414/285-5709. Debris will be documented and reported.

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