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Milwaukee River Watershed

Milwaukee River watershed. The Milwaukee River Watershed consists of a large network of streams, inland lakes and branches of the Milwaukee River. Once an open sewer for much of Milwaukee County, it also served as a source of consumable fish and played host to recreation in the area, including swimming.

Determined off-limits to swimming in the 1940's due to heavy pollution, the Milwaukee River has been the site of environmental recovery since the early 1970's.

Dam removals at West Bend in 1987, and recent remediation and dam removal in Milwaukee at the North Avenue site in 1997-1998, have made the Milwaukee flow more quickly, cleared sediment and oxygenated water — all to the benefit of fish and other wildlife who live in or off of the river habitat.

Non-point and point source pollution abatement from rural to urban areas has also meant an increase in the cleanliness of the water.

To find excellent, up-to-date information about the health of this watershed region, contact the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

To support the protection of the Milwaukee River Basin contact:

Kimberly A. Gleffe, Executive Director
River Revitalization Foundation, Inc.
1845 N. Farwell, Suite 100
Milwaukee, WI 53202
tel: 414-271-8000
fax: 414-273-7293

Dedicated to the protection and improvement of the environmental quality of the Milwaukee River Basin, this foundation facilitates the acquisition or management of lands bordering these waterways for public access, walkways and recreation.

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