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 Banner Ads   
Banner ads may be JPG, GIF or animated GIF, 728 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.
A banner splashes your ad graphic across the top of the page. Prominent and colorful, it gets attention every time and is ideal for long-term brand building and visibility enhancement. Millions of visitors are just one click away!

 Margin Ads   
Margin ads may be JPG, GIF, animated GIF or text, 155 pixels wide by 116 pixels or six lines of text high.
Margin ads may be a text link or a graphic. They appear at the top of the left margin of the pages you select. Margin ads are compact, affordable and highly targeted.

Placement Options Target your market by county, by event subject(s), or by interest in any of our popular information features. Here are some of the placement options available:

• County Feature Pages
• Attraction Category Pages
• Map Feature Pages
• Event Calendar Listings
     • Event Keyword Listings
• Event County Listings
• Event City Listings
• Outdoor Report
     • Yard and Garden Tips
• Milwaukee Green Map
• Weather Feature Page
• Geographic Provinces

Dynamic Image Advertising
Keep your message fresh! Change your ad graphic any time you want. Change your offer details any time you want. You are always in control—at no additional charge!

Contact us to assist with placement options, rates and package discounts!

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