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Promote Your Business or Community

Supercharge Your Publicity with Event Hyperlinks!

Now you can boost the publicity value of your events to:
  • Promote greater event attendance,
  • Enhance your visibility,
  • Bring people right to your Web site, and
  • Make it fast and easy to communicate with people interested in what you have to offer!

You can enjoy these benefits starting now, even if your event is months in the future! Just activate hyperlinks from your event listing to your Web site and e-mail address. It's easy and it's:

Only $10!

The activation fee is only $10, for BOTH a Web site hyperlink AND an e-mail hyperlink! This is a one-time fee, for as long as your event is online.

More than a thousand people a day use Wisconline® to decide what to do tonight, this weekend and next summer. These are active consumers, looking for things to do, interested in your community and in the goods and services you offer. They are young to middle-age and they have money to spend. Your kind of customers!

They are only one click away from your web site!

Why not let them through?

Here's How to Do It

There are three ways to activate hyperlinks for your events:

1. Enter your event and pay by check or credit card online, all at the same time.

This is the easiest method. Go to our all-in-one Add an Event form here and enter your event information. If you are paying by credit card, you will enter your card information and pay for your enhanced event now. If you are paying by check, mail your check to Wisconsin Online®, 805 E Dean Rd, Fox Point, WI 53217. Paying by check means we will enhance your event when we receive and process your check.

2. Mail us your event information and your check at the same time.

Mail us your event information and enclose your check for the number of events you are hyperlinking. Calculate your fees. If you wish, use our handy Hyperlinks Activation Form to organize your order. Make your check out to Wisconsin Online® and mail to 805 E Dean Rd, Fox Point, WI 53217.

3. Activate hyperlinks for events already online.

If your events are already online, write down the "E- number" in brackets at the end of the listing for each event for which you want to display and activate hyperlinks. Then sign onto this web page to Enhance your events. For orders of $100 or more, you will get a discount of 10 percent. You may pay immediately by credit card, or with a check. Paying with a check means that we will enhance your listing after we receive your check. If you wish, use our handy Hyperlinks Activation Form to organize your order.

If you're not sure you've found all your events online, call us for help.


Call us at 414-455-0523.

David Falck

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