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Wisconline® is Wisconsin's home page — promoting Wisconsin community events and attractions statewide. Use Wisconsin Online® to promote your events — large and small — so that Wisconsin residents and visitors can quickly find your events by date, county, city, keyword, and any of 122 Subjects.

Every year over 2,000,000 people use Wisconline® to decide what to do and where to go tonight, this weekend, and next summer. Thousands of events are online at any one time. Both the number of people using Wisconline® and the number of events in the interactive database are steadily growing. Don't be left out! Event listings are FREE!

Before you list an event, please review the following tips for listing an event. Then, you may use our Online Listing Form — the fastest and easiest way to list your event! The Online Listing Form is available from the "Add/ Update an Event" hyperlink in the top right corner of any page on Wisconline®.

Introduction to Listing an Event:
An event is any activity that occurs on a specific date or dates and for which you are seeking public involvement or participation. A company picnic is not an event appropriate for Wisconline®, because members of the public are not invited. A neighborhood block party, a retirement home excursion, and a club business meeting are also not events in this sense because participation is not sought beyond the members of the immediate group.

On the other hand, a business seminar, a rummage sale, a fundraising bike ride or run, a church bazaar, a music concert, a craft fair, a snowmobile race, a business conference or seminar, and a community festival are all events. They occur on a date(s) and you need to publicize the event so people can plan to attend.

Wisconline® reviews all events submitted for listing and may refuse to accept a listing if we feel for any reason that the event is inappropriate. We may also edit your description of the event, if necessary, to correct obvious grammar and spelling errors, to make it fit within available space, and to preserve good taste. All listings are solely at the discretion of Wisconline® and are subject to our Publication Policies.

Wisconline® is a participatory service. You are responsible for listing your events, for ensuring the accuracy of your event listings, and for updating your listings if your event are changed, rescheduled, or cancelled.

How to Complete the Listing Form:
Your FREE listing on Wisconline® is a powerful and flexible promotional tool. The more you become familiar with Wisconline®, the more you will appreciate its ability to increase your event's public visibility and success. The following fields are provided in our Online Listing Form. Here are some tips to help you maximize the impact of your event listings:

  • The Event Name should be both descriptive and interesting.

  • The Description should be concise and factual. Avoid superlatives and adjectives. Give enough information, appropriate to your event, to allow interested persons to know what to expect if they attend. If attendance is limited in any way, be sure to say so. The sponsoring organization's name, if not part of the event name, should be mentioned in the description. Don't forget to indicate the clock time your event starts and ends. Space available for the Description amounts to one medium paragraph.

  • The Event Phone Number entry should be accurate and useful. Sometimes only a telephone number is needed. Always include the area code. Make sure that your people who are assigned to talk to the public know about the listing and are prepared to handle the calls.

  • The Location may be the name of the venue, a landmark, or concise road directions.

  • The Street Address, City and 5-digit Zip Code fields are used together by our mapping service — to be introduced later — to provide a local map and driving directions to your event. Don't be left out of this invaluable service. The Street Address and City also appear in your event listing.

  • Always include the name of the County. Many people use County Find to find events in a specific county. The county name also allows people to find your event from the county pages.

  • If you have a Web Site Address (URL) where users can find more information about your event, be sure to include it. Your Web site will be linked from the name of the event.

  • Describe any Fees for attendance or registration. If your fee structure is complicated, just indicate the range of fees involved. If you don't charge admission, let people know it's "free admission." If advance registration or reservations are required, be sure to say so and provide the phone number and deadline.

  • The Subjects you use are very important. You may use as many as three Subjects, but make sure they are all appropriate. A complete list of all Subjects is also via link from the Online Listing Form, and the Form itself allows you to pick Subjects from a convenient pop-up list.

Wisconsin Online® will make the final determination regarding the appropriateness of Subjects for all events, and may edit event listings for grammar, spelling, good taste and available space. Please review our Publication Policies if you have not already done so.

Your event should be listed as early as possible. Every hour, every day, people are searching Wisconline® for things to do tonight, this weekend and next year. Give them as much time as possible to find your event and make plans to attend.

How to List Your Events:
Online Listing Form
From your Web browser, the Online Listing Form is available from the "Add/ Update an Event" hyperlink in the top right corner of any page on Wisconline®. Just fill in the blanks and click the "Submit Event Listing" button. Your event is reviewed by our staff and then added to the interactive Wisconline® events database. Events are published within 24 hours from when we receive your event (normally much faster). Your event listing is free, but to enhance it with internet information only costs 10 dollars.

Because of the volume of material we have to process and our limited staff resources, we cannot accept event information over the telephone. But please do call if you have questions or need more information. Our telephone number is 414-455-0523.

To Change or Cancel an Event Already Listed:
Make a note of the "E-number" found in brackets at the end of your event listing. Then use our Online Update Form (also available from the "Add/ Update an Event" hyperlink in the top right corner of any page of Wisconline®) to quickly and easily indicate the changes that are needed. Enter your event's "E-number" in the space provided in the form, to make sure we can identify your event correctly.

How to Promote Your Events:
There are a number of additional ways you can increase traffic and visibility by enhancing the promotional benefits of your FREE event listings. Be sure to review How to Promote Your Events.

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