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Maximize the Promotional Benefit of Your Event Listings

Start with your free event listing:

Your free event listing on Wisconline is a powerful promotional tool that can draw the attention of thousands of people in Wisconsin and from out of state.

To make the most of your free listing, spend some time browsing through the event listings already on Wisconline. Become familiar with the different ways of finding events. Look for other events similar to yours. See which events are listed under which subjects. Think about why you notice some listings and not others.

Learn how to write up your event so that your listing is interesting and informative. Make sure you are familiar with How to List Your Events.

Enter your event information as soon as the event is scheduled. Give the public as much time as possible to find out about your event. The Online Listing Form (the previous link in this paragraph) is available via the hyperlink "Add/ Update an Event" in the top right corner of any page on Wisconline.

Use premium services to enhance your listing:

  • Event Hyperlinks Activation: Your event listing may link directly to your own Web site where you may provide additional information about your event or about your business or community. It may also include a link to your e-mail address so that people can contact you directly with questions or to request more information. Always include your Web site address (URL) and e-mail address when you send us your event information.

  • Enhance Your Events: For events which you already have listed in our online database, you may enhance multiple events here. If the total dollar amount of your enhanced events is $100 or more, we will take 10% off the fee. For example, if your enhanced options total up to 140 dollars, we will give you a discount of 10 percent. So the total will only be $126. Bring the power of the internet alive, and connect your event listing to your web site.

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