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Update An Event

To change, reschedule or cancel events already in our database

Online updates are the fastest and easiest way to modify, cancel or remove duplicates of your event listing! Event listings are FREE!

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Contact Information

We may need to contact you to confirm something in your update:
* Your Name:
* Your Telephone: (999-999-9999)
* Your E-mail Address:
* Your Company or Organization Name:
  NOTE: The above information does NOT appear in the event listing.

Event Identification

* Event Number:
This is the "E number" in brackets at the end of your event listing on Wisconline. Using that number will ensure that we can identify your event accurately and update it quickly.
* Event Name:
Enter the event name as it currently appears in the listing, so we can confirm that we are updating the correct event.
* Action Required: Update the information for this event. If you click this option, complete only those fields below that must be changed, then click "Send Update" at the bottom of the page.

Remove duplicate listing because this listing duplicates another listing for the same event. If you click this option, go right to the bottom of this page and click "Send Update."

Cancel this event listing because the organizer has cancelled this event. If you click this option, go right to the bottom of this page and click "Send Update."

Event Update Information

  If any part of a field is changed, enter complete information for that field. If a field does not change, leave that field blank.
New Event Name:
New Start Date: (MM/DD/YY)
New End Date: (MM/DD/YY) If this is a one-day event, leave End Date blank.
New Time:
New Event Description:
Provide useful information to help people know what to expect.Include opening and closing times, if appropriate. Include the sponsoring organization's name if it's not part of the event name. Carriage returns will be removed.
New Fees:
Describe any attendance fees or ticket prices.
New Event Location:
This may be a brief description of how to find your event. Short explanation.
New Street Address:
New City:
New ZIP Code:
New County:
New Event Phone Number: (999-999-9999)
New Subjects:

You may select up to three Subjects! The order of the Subjects doesn't matter. For explanations of the Subjects available, see our Subjects List.

Click "Send Update" when you have completed all appropriate items in this form.

Thank you!

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