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   Honey Acres, Inc
Dipper Jar Crate with
1 lb. Clover Honey Jar
"Dear Friends: Greetings from Wisconsin!
    Honey Acres is a family business, now in its fifth generation. In 1852 my great-grandfather, C.F. Diehnelt (1811-1882) arrived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Rosswein, Germany with his beekeeping talents. Later his son August and grandson, Walter A., joined the honey business. At this time Honey Acres was called "Linden Apiary." In 1930 it was renamed Honey Acres and was moved to Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin where it grew and prospered for 50 years.
    In 1980 Honey Acres moved to a rural site near Ashippun, Wisconsin, where we developed a new, larger plant designed to handle the finest honey products.
    I know you will enjoy our delicious honey products for home use and for gift-giving. Remember, we guarantee your complete satisfaction on every item we sell.
    All of us at Honey Acres are proud of our 140-year tradition, our excellent quality, and the outstanding value of our honey products. We look forward to serving you.


Walter J. Diehnelt, Master Beekeeper"

[ A note from Kathie -
[ Regarding the passing of Walter J. Diehnelt on Monday, July 4, 2011 at the age of 89 years.
"I am sad. I knew Wally from when he served on the National Honey Board. I was the USDA oversight representative who attended all of their meetings and Wally ALWAYS brought his honey mints to share!"
[ end

Honey Acres offers a complete variety of their Kosher "parve" products - gourmet honey, honey cremes, honey mustards, honey confections and a variety of gift presentations, available for you to order online.

From the highest mountain peak, to the South Pole, HI-HONEY fruit bars have been meeting the nutritional needs of climbing and skiing expedition teams. As part of the 1989 Mt. Everest Climbing Team and the 1992 Antarctic Expedition, these fruit bars were a natural source of energy and nutritional sustenance. The true fruit flavor in these HI-HONEY bars came through in extreme conditions and sub-zero temperatures. Whatever your athletic activity, these fruit bars offer you the boost you need.

See our Kosher Certification

·  The honey mints require expedited shipping April through September.

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