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   Jim's Cheese Pantry, Inc
     Cheese Cut Out Capital of the World
50 years of Service   
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Jim's Cheese Pantry
    "A generation ago, our founding father Jim Sr had a dream to service customers with the freshest and highest quality of products possible. Fifty years later, we continue to have the same mission statement.
    Through the years we have made many changes. From moving building to building we would only help to improve the quality of products and service. If you have been a valued customer that started with Jim Sr, or you have begun doing business with the present Grim Jim, we have always tried to succeed in adding that little extra personal touch.
    Whether we have been a day late or a dollar short, we have always done it with family pride in mind.
    Thank you to all of our customers, past and present employees, vendors and businesses for their past and continued support.
    Graciously, Grim Jim & spirits of the past"

Jim Peschel Sr Jim Peschel Sr started in 1955 in the former Dailyland Cooperative Association building, which is now the new location of the Waterloo City Hall. He began simply by selling packaged cheese. In 1958 they expanded to offer gift boxes and opened a retail store.

Jim Peschel Jr In 1975, Jim Peschel Jr took over ownership and management duties and continued Jim's Cheese Pantry. And 20 years later, the current building for Jim's Cheese Pantry, Inc was built on Portland Road. Everything under one roof and all in one location.

Jim Jr decided to create a whole new division of creating die cuts. Different shapes and sizes of cheeses to cut out of 40 pound blocks. The idea came to him from seeing many different shapes made out of chocolate. From no shapes to over 500 shapes, styles, sculptures and designs - what a new creation - only in Wisconsin.

Jim's is well known for the cute cow cheese and very Aged Cheddar Cheese. He employs 50 full time employees which expands to 100 employees during the holiday season. Jim thrives on challenge, doing things big companies don't want to do. More hand oriented than automation.

Jim's father, Jim Sr, instilled a sense of pride in quality products and in workmanship. His father stated with 4 wholesale customers and to this day he still has 3 of the original wholesale customers. No matter if one item or ten items is purchased, the customer is our number one priority.


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·  Orders are only shipped Mondays and Tuesdays, to ensure the product gets to you before Saturday.
·  We ship 2nd day Air, to assure your product arrives safely. Cheese is a perishable product.
·  We ship using the United Parcel Service. UPS does not deliver on Saturday or Sunday.
·  UPS does not deliver to PO Boxes, so your delivery address must be a street address.
·  You can determine the Shipping and Handling charges by starting the order until you see the order's summary.
·  You may change the order at this point, and re-calculate the total.
·  We are not responsible for delivery failures due to incorrect addresses.
·  We can ship Ground to these Midwest states below. See map.
·  For shipments during warmer months (May through October), a cooler package is required.
·  We can not reship nor refund cheese orders, if no one is present when the package is delivered.
·  Cheese may be at room temperature when it arrives, but its condition will be fine if refrigerated on arrival.
·  Unfortunately for small orders, UPS charges can easily exceed the cost of the cheese.

Note! If your order contains a mixture of cheese products (which are perishable) and non-perishable cheese products, and you are required to ship cheese by Air to your state -- you should consider separating your items into multiple orders. This could save you money, by shipping the non-cheese items by Ground.

Products from Jim's Cheese Pantry