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Camp Directors and Managers

Camp Update

Dear Camp Director:

We have created a computer process which enables you to update your camp information. This process requires you to enter a camp ID and password to gain access to the Camp Update web page. What makes this a great feature? -

  1. You can change your camp information at any time
    (This is especially helpful to year-round facilities)
  2. Your updates happen faster and under your control
  3. You get to preview how your camp web page will look -- before it's published
  4. You can check your camp's account information at anytime.

If you have not received (or you have misplaced) your camp ID and password, please call our office at 414-455-0523 or send an e-mail to camps@wisconline.com. You must have an e-mail address for this new system to work.

If your camp is not included in this guide, please e-mail us with the following information. We will reply with your unique camp ID and password:
  ·  Your name,
  ·  Camp name,
  ·  E-mail address,
  ·  Telephone number.

After signing in with your camp ID and password, you will see the navigation bar which is pictured above. These links give you the different web pages where you will manage your camp information. This navigation bar is at the top of the page above the yellow line. See Instructions at a Glance below.

Thank you for helping us keep this guide complete, accurate and up-to-date.
David Falck dfalck@wisconline.com

3 Ways To Promote Your Camp!

www.wisconline.com -- Consistently at the top of searches at Google.com, Yahoo.com, and Bing.com!

Click on each link to see actual search results
Search Phrase Search Engines
Wisconsin Summer Camps Google.com Yahoo.com Bing.com

  1. Enhanced Camp Listings
    Make your camp listing stand out at Wisconsin Online®. Don't be a needle in the haystack.
  2. Banner Advertisements
    Place a banner ad on the top of a web page you select. Click on the pages below.
  3. Margin Advertisements
    An ad in the left margin of our web pages gets attention for your camp.

1. Camp Listing Types

  • Basic listing - $ free

  • These receive Priority Rankings!
  • Internet enhanced listing - $ 195
  • Picture enhanced listing - $ 80
  • Premium listing - $ 275
    (both Internet enhanced and Picture enhanced)
There is NO charge for being listed in this guide. There is a $195 annual fee for displaying your internet information and activating hyperlinks to your Web site and e-mail address, if you wish to do so. We encourage hyperlink activation because it makes it so easy for people interested in your camp to go directly to your web site for further details, or send you an e-mail inquiry with a click of their mouse! And there is an $80 annual fee for displaying a camp picture of your choice on your web page at WISCONLINE®. Every one loves pictures and will look for camps that present them selves with an image. Send your picture to camps@wisconline.com. You may phone us with your credit card at 414-455-0523 or mail a check to the following address -
All About Wisconsin, Inc.
Wisconsin Online

805 E Dean Rd
Fox Point, WI 53217

If you have paid for your internet information to be displayed and hyperlinked, and/or your picture to be displayed, the icons below will appear next to your camp name in our indexes and your camp will appear before Basic listings.
 Lightning bolt indicates camp has provided a hyperlink to its home page.
 Camera indicates a picture has been provided for the camp.

Here are some examples of camp listings -
Premium listing Special-Focus sessions
Smokey Hollow Day Camp MSOE Summer Programs

2. Banner Advertisements

See an example camp banner ad above on this page. We get thousands of hits each week against our camp pages here at WISCONLINE®. If you're looking to increase enrollment this year, here's a great way to do it because your banner is linked to your web site. Displayed below is a list of each possible location for your banner ad in our camp section. Click on each link to see the camp page.

Page nameAnnual CostPage nameAnnual Cost
Camps home page  $ 245. Type Campus Scholastic page  $ 195.
Alpha index page  $ 245. Type Day Activities page  $ 195.
Regions home page  $ 245. Type Horse Riding & Care page  $ 195.
Region Central WI page  $ 195. Type Nature Environment page  $ 195.
Region Northeast WI page  $ 195. Type Performing Creative Arts page  $ 195.
Region Northwest WI page  $ 195. Type Religious Spiritual page  $ 195.
Region Southeast WI page  $ 245. Type Special Needs page  $ 195.
Region Southwest WI page  $ 195. Type Sports page  $ 245.
Camp types home page  $ 245. Type Traditional page  $ 195.
Type Adventure Challenge page  $ 195.    
The Banner prices above are based on a ranking system, with the higher priced ads being most prominent and delivering more pageviews. Free setup if you provide your own image -- otherwise 25 dollars.

3. Margin Advertisements

See an example camp margin ad above on this page. Margin ads offer a more affordable solution to your advertising needs. Your colorful ad image will draw our visitors to click through to your web site, because your ad is linked to your web page. Up to four margin ads can be displayed on each of our camp web pages. Click on each link below to see the camp page.

Page nameAnnual CostPage nameAnnual Cost
Camps home page  $ 195. Type Campus Scholastic page  $ 99.
Alpha index page  $ 195. Type Day Activities page  $ 99.
Regions home page  $ 195. Type Horse Riding & Care page  $ 99.
Region Central WI page  $ 99. Type Nature Environment page  $ 99.
Region Northeast WI page  $ 99. Type Performing Creative Arts page  $ 99.
Region Northwest WI page  $ 99. Type Religious Spiritual page  $ 99.
Region Southeast WI page  $ 195. Type Special Needs page  $ 99.
Region Southwest WI page  $ 99. Type Sports page  $ 195.
Camp types home page  $ 195. Type Traditional page  $ 99.
Type Adventure Challenge page  $ 99.    
The Margin prices above are based on a ranking system, with the higher priced ads being most prominent and delivering more pageviews. Free setup if you provide your own image -- otherwise 25 dollars.

Instructions at a Glance

  1. read the information on this page
  2. Click on Camp Update at the top of this page
    (if you have problems - make sure your browser accepts cookies)
  3. sign on using your Camp ID and Password (password is case sensitive)
  4. enter and change your camp information (click Update button)
  5. then click on the Preview link to Preview your camp web page

    You can repeat steps 4 and 5 as often as you wish, then...

  6. when finished, click the "Submit Request to Publish" button at the bottom of the Preview Page
    (you don't have to Submit the same day that you make changes)
NOTE! Most important
You may Update and Preview your info as often as you like, but we won't do anything until you click the "Submit Request to Publish" button.

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