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What is Milwaukee's Green Map?


Milwaukee's Green Map locates and makes visible ecologically and environmentally significant sites throughout Milwaukee County. The map provides a single vision of resources by showing the connections between natural, built and cultural features which, when combined, establish Milwaukee's progress towards a more sustainable place. Milwaukee's Green Map shows eco-resources within our region.

How is a "green map" made?

Milwaukee's Green Map uses a standardized set of more than 100 icons common to the Green Map System in use worldwide. Each icon represents one piece of a community. Categories include natural sites, renewable resources, and green economic development. Specific icons identify community gardens, recycling locations, greenways, landfills, and organic produce suppliers, to name a few. Some of these icons look like this:

First developed by Wendy Brawer in New York City, the Green Map System is currently being used in more than 104 cities in 30 countries around the world. To find out more about the international green map system visit their website at

Although most green maps highlight a city, it was decided early on to include all of Milwaukee County because of the close relationship between the city and county in regard to resources and infrastructure management.

Milwaukee sites were selected from various sources. Like other Green Maps, Milwaukee's Green Map highlights green systems and sites. This map is only the first of the Milwaukee Green Maps, and is expected to be remade as the community involvement and awareness changes.

Why make a green map for Milwaukee?

With the completion of this map, it is hoped that a benchmark will be set to understand where we are in relation to the efforts and effects of many people on our environment. As a visual tool, it shows at a glance where the community has placed its resources for a more livable and sustainable place. It also helps with imagining the future, as a device to look forward, consider and act in a manner which can shape where we live. Site specific in practice, it provides an opportunity for local partnerships, information sharing and cooperation to physically impact where and how we live. A project for the future, Milwaukee's Green Map can inspire us to become a positive force in changing where we live. It is a powerful tool for imagining a greener future for our home place.

As Milwaukee's first bioregional map of green resources, activities, people and practices, the Milwaukee Green Map serves as an important benchmark to recognizing current green practices and imagining future growth.

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