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The Population of Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County Population: 1990 Census data from 1990 reveals a community of people living close together in some places, and sparse population density in others. (Each dot on the map represents 50 people.) Notice the relative lack of people in the suburbs to the northeast and southern regions of the county.

Some of these areas have specific zoning which determines the number of residential units per land area. While this can be good for the preservation of green space, it makes living resources harder to reach, increasing energy and automobile use. This in turn can strain resources, potentially degrading the environment further.

Population Statistics

The most recent US census (1990) indicates that Milwaukee County was home to some 959,275 people. Figures show that Milwaukee County's population had grown by nearly 20,000 people from 1985 to 1990, but new estimates indicate that from 1990 to 1997 it had diminished by 50,335 residents.

Interestingly, neighboring counties experienced population growth, and this trend continues as more people continue to move into surrounding suburban and sub-rural areas, further stressing natural resources in and around those regions.

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