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The Benefits of Sponsorships on Wisconline®

Common Sense Advertising

The rules of advertising have not changed! You advertise on Wisconsin Online® for the same reasons you advertise in any other medium — to reach your market and to increase your sales. Because of its ability to deliver your message to your customers, Wisconline should be a regular part of every integrated marketing program targeted to Wisconsin residents and visitors. Here are some important advantages to advertising on Wisconline:

Excellent User Demographics

Wisconline's users are predominantly well-educated, middle-age professionals with excellent buying power. Sixty-four percent (64%) are age 35 to 54. Fifty percent (50%) have household incomes of $45,000 or more. Seventy-three percent (73%) have some college, a bachelor's degree or have done post-graduate college study. Women are approaching parity with men as a percentage of the Internet population.

Wisconline users are active consumers with active lifestyles at the peak of their buying power, and they are using Wisconsin Online to find new things to do, places to go and things to buy. In fact, 38% of those surveyed reported they use Wisconline to decide where to go, 35% use Wisconline to decide what to see or do, and 21% use Wisconline to find telephone numbers or e-mail addresses in order to get more information.

Outstanding Geographic Focus

Wisconline offers statewide scope with local focus. The interactive community events database can be searched by Date, Keyword, Subject, County, and by City. And Wisconline is now hosting County Home Pages with interesting and valuable information about each of Wisconsin's 72 counties. You can style a program to fit your market in terms of geographic focus on any part or all of the State of Wisconsin.

Precise Targeted Marketing

Wisconline's interactive events database uses 122 event Subjects to provide marketers with power and flexibility in targeting their messages to specific segments of Wisconsin consumers. Many information features also provide market segmentation capabilities so you can deliver your message where it counts! These capabilities not only increase the efficiency of your advertising budget, they also improve its effectiveness.

Persistent Interactivity with Consumers

Unlike print and broadcast media, your message on Wisconline and your interactivity with your consumers is persistent — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, month after month for as long as your ads remain on Wisconline. You may use Wisconline to solicit comments, to process requests for literature or product information and to accept orders. You may make coupons available, improve customer service, cut support costs, and build relationships that strengthen your long-term competitive position in the marketplace.

Call David at 414-455-0523 for details and to place an advertising order.

Thank you.

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