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Audience Demographics on Wisconline®

Active Consumers with Active Lifestyles

Internet Demographics

Internet users are for the most part well-educated, active, middle-age consumers with excellent buying power. Here are key findings from the 1997 CommerceNet/Nielson Survey of Internet Demographics:

Item Surveyed Finding Notes
Average age 36 (53% are ages 30 to 49)
Gender 65% male (younger groups are more equal)
Average household income $61,500  
Average online time per week 5.5 hours  

Women and seniors are rapidly discovering the advantages of the Internet for shopping, travel, community information and lifestyle pursuits.

Wisconline Demographics

Demographic surveys completed by Wisconline users show that Wisconline's audience demographic profiles are similar to the national averages.

Other Item Surveyed Finding
25 to 34 18%
35 to 44 29%
45 to 54 35%
Female 38%
Male 59%
Other Item Surveyed Finding
Use Wisconline to:
Decide where to go 38%
Decide what to see and do 35%
Decide which routes to use 22%
Decide when to go 18%
Get numbers and
call for more information

You can expect Wisconline users to be alert early-adopters of new products and new technologies. They have spendable income. They are willing to try new things. They are engaged in their communities and they travel — especially in Wisconsin.

If you are looking for these consumers, you can reach them on Wisconline! A wide variety of sponsorship options are available, with terms and prices to fit every budget.

Call David at 414-455-0523 for details, and to place your advertising order.

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