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Internet Marketing Glossary

The New Vocabulary of Online Promotion

Ad View or Ad Impression
Display of an ad on the web page a user is viewing. If an ad does not rotate with other ads on a web page, the number of ad views or ad impressions will equal the number of Page Views.

Click Through
A user clicking on a margin or banner ad in order to get more information.

Click Through Rate
Percentage of page views to click-throughs for an ad. This is a good indication of the effectiveness of the ad. In addition to counting the ad views (page views), it also requires counting the click-throughs.

A small text file on the user's computer in which a code is stored which allows a web site to stay in touch with the user during his or her visit. Cookies allow a site to provide more personalized service to users. It is not true that the cookie file contains personal information which can be accessed by other Web sites.

A Web page which is used to obtain information or take orders from users. Like paper forms, Web forms may use text fields, check boxes and multiple choice options to structure user responses and is normally processed when the user clicks a button to submit the form.

Download of each element of a Web page. When a user views a Web page that includes nine images, the server records ten hits - one for the HTML page file and one for each image file.

Interactive Banner
A advertiser's promotional image that appears in a prominent position on a Web page. Interactivity is achieved by making the image a hyperlink to the advertiser's landing page that provides more information about the offer, or allows the consumer to order the product or service.

Landing Page
In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement. The page will usually display sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link.

On Wisconline®, the detailed paragraph of information that contains key information about an event or an attraction.

A promotional inducement to encourage the consumer to request more information or buy the product.

Page View
The presentation of a web page. Downloads of non-HTML documents such as image files are not included in page views.

Server, or Host Computer
A server is the computer on which a Web site's files reside and which, by virtue of special software and a connection to the Internet network, serves Web pages to users in response to their browser requests.

Server Log
Every server automatically compiles a log of every hit for every user session. The log is simply a text file in a structured format that can be interpreted by traffic analysis software to reveal patterns and details of activity on the Web site. Server logs record the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the user during each session, but no other aspect of the user's identity is known.

User Session, Visit or Visitor
A session of activity for one visitor to a Web site. A session is determined by recording the user's Internet Protocol (IP) address. By default, a user session is terminated when the IP address falls inactive for more than 30 minutes. Server logs allow a count of the user sessions to a site.

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