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Margin Ads

What is a Margin Ad

Margin ads are an affordable way to promote your company or special offer, and to increase traffic at your web site.

Margin ads are ideal for increasing your visibility during ad campaigns of six months or longer. The minimum ad run is three months.

Your ad may be any one of the following recommended sizes, max width of 155 pixels:

  • Small tab, 155 pixels wide by 58 pixels high,
  • Large tab, 155 pixels wide by 116 pixels high.

( Currently the large tab is the same price as the small tab )

Margin ad images are: JPG or GIF image file format

Guidelines for Text Ads

  • Only Margin Ads can by text ads at Wisconsin Online
  • The text must be able to fit inside a box which is pixel width="155" height="116". All of our current text ads have these dimensions.
  • Text ads must have the word - advertisement - on top of the box. This is a legal thing for us. We furnish the HTML code for the box.
  • You may specify the color for the box header and color for the box background, including the color white.
  • You may have no more than two links with our text ads.
  • You may specify the text for the title tool tip pop-up box, that pops up when the link is moused-over - not too much text please.
  • Your text content must be approved by Wisconsin Online for its appropriateness to be published at www.wisconline.com
  • We like to trap our click-throughs to your ad by first calling our clicks program before calling your specified URL. We do this for reporting purposes. But we can have a direct link to your URL at your request.

Where to put your ad

• Select the HTML web page (or pages) for your ad

When you find a web page at Wisconsin Online® that fits your advertising campaign, copy the web address from your browser's Address box and contact us to place an order for the HTML page you have selected.

• Choose to display your ad when people View Events

Events can be displayed 5 different ways: by date or date range, by keyword, by city, by county, and by subject. With events displayed by County and by Subject, you can target your message to the specific audience segments most likely to be interested and responsive to your offer.
      List of Subjects
      List of Counties

• Include your ad as part of an Ad Package with multiple pages or event-views

All ads must be prepaid by check or credit card. Call David Falck at 414-455-0523 to place an advertising order.

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