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What is an Ad Package

An Ad Package is an assortment of HTML web pages and Event-Views which are combined to fulfill your advertising needs.

• County Ad Package

A County ad package combines

  1. All the HTML web pages for a county under the Local Information section, plus
  2. The event pages people will see when they look for events by County.
Choosing a County Ad Package enables you to target your promotional message to a specific geographic area within Wisconsin, and boost traffic to your web site. Your banner or margin ad will appear on multiple pages which are specific to a particular county.

• Build-Your-Own Package

Another excellent way to target your message is through the use of Event-Views by Subject. You could choose to have your banner or margin ad displayed when people view events by a particular subject, and combine this with HTML web pages -- perhaps under the Attractions section of Wisconsin Online®. You pick and choose!

Call David Falck at 414-455-0523 to put together an Ad Package for your company.

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