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Wisconsin Online® Publication and Privacy Policies

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All About Wisconsin, Inc reserves the right to amend the following policies at any time, at its sole discretion.

Corporate Mission:

It is the intention of Wisconsin Online® to maintain Wisconline® as the fastest, easiest-to-use, most complete, and most useful resource available anywhere for information about Wisconsin's people, cultures, events, attractions, recreational opportunities, geography, natural resources, weather, agriculture and lifestyle activities.

Wisconline® is a free-use community Web site, made possible by the generous support of its corporate sponsors.

User Privacy:

Wisconsin Online® respects the privacy concerns of our users and pledges to maintain the confidentiality of your use of Wisconline®.

Wisconsin Online® obtains no personal identification information from any of its users. Persons who use our Comment Form are asked for demographic categories but not for a name, e-mail address, or any other information that would allow us to identify the sender. Statistical summaries are provided to corporate sponsors to help them evaluate their support for Wisconline®, and are used by Wisconsin Online®, along with other information, to help us decide whether changes in Wisconline® services are in order. Such summaries do not identify specific users of Wisconline®.

Wisconline® users who request additional information about a specific event, attraction or location in Wisconsin may be referred to the public contact person or information office for that event, attraction, or location. This often entails forwarding your e-mail request (including your e-mail address) to that person or office for a direct reply to your question.

The identities of persons who submit information, including event listings, for publication on Wisconline® are not published, distributed, rented or sold to any party. Period!

Responsibilities of Information Providers:

When you submit materials for publication on Wisconline®, you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the information you provide. You should submit the information in the format specified by Wisconsin Online®. You are responsible for verifying that the information you have submitted has been published accurately and without error. You should notify Wisconsin Online® immediately if any of the information you have submitted for publication has changed or been found to be inaccurate or in error.

Because of the volume of material submitted for publication, Wisconsin Online® is not able to verify all the information you provide. The material you submit may be refused for publication without explanation if it appears to be inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent with other information available to Wisconsin Online®, or in a format other than that requested. No information will be published if submitted without a complete name and telephone number including area code. Any information found to have been provided with incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent identification of the contact person (name, telephone number, e-mail address) will be removed from publication.

All material published on Wisconline® is subject to acceptance by Wisconsin Online®. Wisconsin Online® reserves the right to reject or cancel any event information, advertising, or other material at its sole discretion.

Persons, agencies and organizations which submit information and images for publication on Wisconline® indemnify Wisconsin Online® and hold Wisconsin Online® harmless for any consequences of publishing said materials.

Prohibited Content:

Wisconsin Online® specifically prohibits and will not accept for publication any materials — including paid advertising and sponsorships — promoting the use of illegal substances, tobacco products, pornography or adult-oriented content, materials promoting illegal activity, materials inciting racism, hate or violence, investment opportunities or advice not permitted under law, and any other content deemed inappropriate by Wisconsin Online® in its sole discretion.


Unless indicated otherwise, all text, data, graphics, photos, and other content of Wisconline® are copyrighted by All About Wisconsin Inc or other businesses, organizations, or individuals. The design, look, and feel of Wisconline® are also copyrighted by Wisconsin Online®.

Persons should not submit previously published material for publication on Wisconline® unless a written approval has been obtained from the copyright holder.

All material, including event listings and advertising, are accepted for publication on Wisconline® based on the implicit representation that you, the person, agency or organization which submitted the material, are authorized to publish the material and have obtained all necessary permissions for its publication. When material that you submit includes the names, pictures or statements of living persons, the submission of said material shall be a warranty from you that the written consent of each such living person has been obtained for its publication.

Users of Wisconline® may print and use single copies of material from Wisconline® for personal use. You may not distribute these copies to others, whether for a fee or other consideration, without the express written permission of Wisconsin Online® and of any other copyright holder.

Wisconsin Online® grants permission for the re-use of certain materials on other Web sites and for print publication, under certain conditions. Address your request by e-mail or in writing to Wisconsin Online® with a full description of your intended use of the material.


"Wisconline" and "Wisconsin Online" are registered trademarks, and "Wisconsin.Info" is a service mark, of All About Wisconsin, Inc — a Wisconsin corporation. All references to Wisconsin Online® mean the publishing corporation All About Wisconsin, Inc. All references to Wisconline® mean the web site at www.wisconline.com owned and managed by All About Wisconsin, Inc. Wisconsin.Info is that part of the Wisconline® web site which features statewide information and reference hyperlinks about Wisconsin (www.wisconline.com/wisconsin/).

Limitation of Liability:

In consideration of accepting your material for publication on Wisconline®, you agree to indemnify Wisconsin Online®, its employees and its contractors, and hold them harmless from and against any loss or expense, including without limitation reasonable attorney's fees, resulting from claims or suits based upon the content or subject matter of your material. Such indemnification shall include without limitation claims or suits for libel, slander, violation of right of privacy, plagiarism, and copyright infringement.

Wisconsin Online® shall not be liable for any damages, including consequential damages, if for any reason it does not publish any material submitted to it, including event information and advertising.

Wisconsin Online® shall not be liable for any damages, including consequential damages, if information submitted for publication by an event sponsor, advertiser, or other information provider is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. In the event of errors or omissions, Wisconsin Online® shall not be liable for any damages, including consequential damages, unless the event sponsor or advertiser can show that it promptly notified Wisconsin Online® of the error or omission, and that Wisconsin Online® did not correct the error or omission within a reasonable period of time.

All persons using Wisconline® are expected to exercise prudence and due diligence in confirming event information with event sponsors prior to attending such events. Wisconsin Online® assumes no liability for the the costs or inconvenience of any person due to the rescheduling or cancelling of events listed on Wisconline®, nor for the costs or inconvenience of any person due to information which may be incomplete or inaccurate.

Links to Third-Party Sites:

Linked third-party sites — including those of the sponsors and advertisers of Wisconline® — are not under the control of Wisconsin Online®. Wisconsin Online® is not responsible for the contents of any linked site nor the contents of any other site linked from a linked site. Some links on Wisconline® may be paid advertising or promotion while others may be provided solely as a convenience to the users of Wisconline®. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Wisconsin Online® of that site, it's owner, or the products or services which may be offered at that site.

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