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Free Use of map with Limitations and Conditions

Wisconline® Map Images for Use on Your Website

We receive many requests for re-use of the county and community maps on Wisconline. Churches, businesses, city and county governments, realtors, event sponsors and attractions have adopted them for use on their own Web sites. We're happy to allow free use of Wisconline maps on your own Web site and as page-size printouts from your desktop printer, so long as you adhere to the Limitations and Conditions described below.

Wisconline maps represent a substantial expenditure of time and effort by All About Wisconsin, Inc. These maps were prepared in order to provide a service to users of the Wisconline Web site. Their misappropriation by other persons for other purposes would represent a loss to All About Wisconsin, Inc. unless the following Limitations and Conditions are strictly adhered to.


  1. You may use only those maps that include the Wisconsin Online, Inc. or All About Wisconsin, Inc. copyright notice AND that are followed by the hyperlink "This map available for your free use - with conditions." You may not use any other maps or images unless you have obtained prior written permission from the image's copyright owner. All images on Wisconline are owned and copyrighted by All About Wisconsin, Inc. unless indicated otherwise.

  2. You may use a Wisconline map only as an inline image on an HTML page on the World Wide Web or as a printout from the printer attached to your computer, and only in accordance with the conditions listed below. Commercial print reproduction, redistribution in any manner, and use for any other purpose are prohibited without prior written permission from All About Wisconsin, Inc.

    Hi-res versions of most maps are available for printed materials including catalogs, brochures and programs. A fee may be charged. Address your request with an explanation of the intended use to David Falck:


  1. You must use the entire map image. You may not remove or obscure the copyright notice at the bottom of the map. You may not scale, resample, crop, rotate, change or modify the map image in any way, except as described in items a and b below.

    1. You may add markers (such as stars or arrows) to identify your business location(s), home or destination. You may edit the indexed color table.

    2. You may resave the image with no transparency. Currently, some of the map images are transparent wherever the map shows white on the Wisconline page. If you are placing the map on a page with a colored background or a background image, you may need to resave the map image with no transparency so the background will not interfere with the map's legibility.

    Bullet 2 below, is regarding Web Use

  2. YOU MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING CREDIT LINE AND LOGO in your HTML page so that the text, logo and links appear centered directly below the map image. Both the map and the credit line/logo should be centered. You may copy the HTML text from this page, or retype it exactly. See how this will appear under bullet 3 below. (You may use whatever font you require.)


    <font face="verdana" size=1>
    Map provided courtesy of Wisconline&reg; <a href=""></a>. Used by permission.
    <a href=""><img src="" title="Go to Wisconsin Online&reg;" border=0 width=184 height=44></a>
    Or for XHTML pages or CSS styling -

    <div style="text-align:center; font-family:Verdana; font-size:10">
    Map provided courtesy of Wisconline® <a href=""></a>. Used by permission.
    <br />
    <a href=""><img src="" title="Go to Wisconsin Online&reg;" alt="Go to Wisconsin Online&reg;" style="border:none; width:184px; height:44px" /></a>

    Bullet 3 below, is regarding Print Use

  3. If you are printing the map, you obviously may disregard the HTML code, but the credit line and logo must appear centered beneath the map exactly as shown below. (You may use whatever font you require.)


Map provided courtesy of Wisconline® Used by permission.

This page conveys a limited and conditional license for the free use of certain map images owned by All About Wisconsin, Inc. All About Wisconsin, Inc. retains the copyright for these images under all circumstances. Read everything carefully and make sure you understand every item.

DO NOT USE ANY MAP UNLESS you will adhere to all of the above. Failure to do so constitutes a violation of copyright and may subject you to penalties.

Copyright © 1995-2020 All About Wisconsin, Inc. All rights reserved.
Wisconline, Wisconsin Online, and Wisconsin.Info are registered trademarks of All About Wisconsin, Inc.

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