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   Roth's Sugar Bush
Wisconsin Maple Mustard
Roth's Sugar Bush tapped its first tree in 1956. What was a small operation on the family farm today has grown to one of Wisconsin's leading packers of pure maple products. Roth's Sugar Bush uses the latest techniques to tap the trees in March or early April, just as soon as the days become warm enough for the sap to flow. Maple syrup has much nutritional value, and should be refrigerated upon opening.

The maple tree is one of nature's greatest gifts to mankind. Various species of the maple grow in many parts of the world and supplies basic material for many products. However, maple syrup is made in only small areas of the world, namely southeastern part of Canada and in those states directly south and west extending through Minnesota. Our state of Wisconsin is rapidly becoming the leading state in the production of this delicious delicacy. We have a tremendous stand of genuine sugar maples and have honored these fine tress by adopting it as the official state tree.

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