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Wisconsin Area Codes Map | 262 Area Code Map
Beginning September 25, 1999, the 414 area code in southeastern Wisconsin was divided into two separate area codes: 414 and 262.

All communities in Milwaukee County kept the 414 area code. Communities in the following counties (with some exceptions which are noted below) got the new 262 area code: Kenosha, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha.

Telephone exchange boundaries do not follow standard geographic boundaries such as city or county lines. As a result, parts of some communities were divided between the current 414 area code and the new 262 area code.

The following is a list of the communities and telephone exchanges which are outside of Milwaukee County but which kept the 414 area code:

Waukesha County:
Parts of Muskego and New Berlin: 422, 425, 427, 525, 529
Parts of Menomonee Falls: 359, 577, 815, 979

Racine County: 425, 427, 525, 529, 570, 571, 762, 764, 766, 768

Ozaukee County: 247, 351, 352

The local calling area and the cost for a local call did not change. A number that was a local call remains a local call after the split.

However, the way some local calls are dialed changed. To place a local call within the same area code, just dial the 7-digit number. For local calls to a different area code, dial 1 + the area code + the 7-digit number. Although it may be necessary to dial more digits, the cost of a local call will remain the same.

After March 4, 2000, all calls to the new area code must be dialed as follows: 1 + 262 + the 7-digit number.

A new area code was needed in southeastern Wisconsin because of the increasing demand for telecommunications services, including fax machines, cellular phones and pagers, computer modems and additional lines. Also, the number of companies providing these services had grown. As a result, the amount of telephone prefixes in the 414 area code was rapidly being depleted. If a new area code were not introduced, the region would have run out of prefixes.

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin began reviewing the options for adding a new area code in the 414 area in 1998. After studying a proposal from the telecommunications industry that the new area code be introduced by means of an "overlay" and gathering input at several public hearings, the Public Service Commission decided in favor of a geographic split.

—From Codefinder.
Wisconsin Area Codes Map | 262 Area Code Map
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